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Premiering February 2023

One intriguing word survives from the original text of this ancient play: exaustersi, or, "flesh-hooks". We are currently in the process of reconstructing this lost tragedy through workshops and discussions with leading practitioners and academics across the world. Egyptians will premier at the Gulbenkian Arts Centre in Kent in February 2023.

The workshop process is integral to rebuilding the tetralogy. Rather than just using a paper and pencil approach, we aim to work practically in much the same way that Aeschylus would have. Using music, movement and acting, we integrate them from the start in the creation of the whole production. Each workshop process forms part of a larger iterative scheme that will slowly and surely build up the plays and productions simultaneously.

It is central to our ambition that wherever we conduct a workshop, we later offer the opportunity to be a venue for a performance of the finished plays. In this way participants’ contributions are honoured and returned to them, closing a powerful, virtuous circle of creation. 

The development process for Egyptians is already well underway, with workshops in Cairo with El Warsha Theater Company and the Centre for the Stick Arts in Mallawy, as well as collaboration planned with The Municipal Theatre of Corfu. 

We are working with the Canterbury Academy Trust and the Institute of Cultural and Creative Studies at the University of Kent, whose generous support will help realise the production early next year. 

Research trip to Egypt with El Warsha Theater Company in Cairo and the Center for Stick Arts in Mallawy

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